A Word from the Principal

We believe that ten to fourteen year olds are very special people and we know that this is a crucial development time for them. They experience more growth, both emotionally and physically, than at any other time in their lives. Our school specialises in this age group.

There are several key features of Whanganui Intermediate that make it a successful school.

The Teaching Staff
Our teachers are this school’s most valuable resource. It is the quality and enthusiasm of the teaching staff that is the key factor in determining that successful learning takes place. At Whanganui Intermediate we have a professional, enthusiastic staff that are committed to the idea that every student is special and will experience intellectual growth.

The Curriculum
We have the resources that focus specifically on this age group. Our focus for curriculum is aimed at catering for the learning needs of every student, whether they need accelerate or remedial programmes. We shape the curriculum to ensure that our students receive a balanced and exciting education.
Our specialist teachers in Technology, ICT, Science and Art ensure that the students receive expert tuition in these curriculum areas.

The Facilities
The school has excellent facilities that we continue to refurbish and enhance. We have specialist technology rooms offering programmes in food, robotics, and hard materials technology. Our science teacher enjoys a full science laboratory and every class has ten ICT devices (including chromebooks and laptops). We are a Google Apps for Education school meaning that students can easily collaborate on work as are also able to complete their work on any device, anywhere. We have a specialist performing arts centre that houses a suite of electronic keyboards, digital piano and a wide range of audio-visual equipment.

The Co-Curricular Opportunities
We provide a wide range of sporting, cultural and recreational activities that create additional opportunities for all students to experience success in individual and team pursuits. Opportunities are available in performance (dance, drama, Kapa Haka and music) and students are encouraged to join sports teams, participate in international languages and learn musical instruments.

The Student Support Team
We have a dedicated Student Support Team lead by one of our Deputy Principals. They are available to assist students who are having problems at school or home and provide them with support both in the class and outside. The Student Support Team also works closely with classroom teachers to ensure we are providing the best care possible for our students.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)
This year we have become a PB4L school. PB4L is a Ministry of Education initiative which supports schools to promote positive behaviour and create inclusive learning environments that foster well-being and achievement for every student.

At Whanganui Intermediate School we strive for every student to get up in the morning and be excited about coming to school.

Charles Oliver