Support Teachers


Bianca Sheridan – Maths Programme

Since 2014 I've been delivering the Mathematics Support Programme, which is targeted at Year 8 students who are achieving marginally below the National Standard in Mathematics. I deliver a comprehensive, number ­based programme which helps students increase their confidence in their mathematical abilities and engages some of our more reluctant mathematicians. We have had fantastic success in lifting students’ overall confidence and results and I am excited to continue this work in 2018.

Another programme I deliver is our Boys’ Support Programme, Piki Ake. This programme is a social skills development programme, which aims to enhance things such as resilience, empathy, and perspective taking and explores concepts such as consequential thinking and goal setting. Piki Ake helps ours students to develop some of the skills they will need on their continuing journey to young adulthood.

Gill Karatau – Reading Support Programme

Hi I’m Gill Karatau. I am excited and privileged to be supporting student to enhance their reading skills through our specialised Reading Support programme. I strive to create positive reading experiences and to enable reluctant readers to improve on their reading ability and reach their potential.

I come from a sporting background and, along with my husband, have travelled extensively. I have two school aged children and an older step son.

You would be welcomed into the reading room whether to assist with the programme or to find out how your child is being supported through their learning. Please feel free to contact me through the school office.

Robyn Simes – Special Needs and Classroom Release Teacher

Hi I am a full time release teacher at WIS. This means that I have the pleasure of teaching, and getting to know many students in a number of classes throughout the school.

I also have a special interest in special needs and I am part of the team who provides support to students if required. This responsibility means that I also work closely with our hard working Teacher Aides to ensure students’ needs are catered for.

My strengths are in Physical Education and Health. I have a real passion for Sports and the experiences and values that it can provide. Netball is my biggest passion. I currently coach our top team and also run the Netball Academy during Terms 1 and 2.

Finally, I love being part of the WIS staff and community. This school is a busy and exciting place. If you would like to contact me please email on