Information for parents

Whanganui Intermediate is committed to providing a stimulating learning environment for your child. Ten to fourteen year olds experience more growth, both emotionally and physically, than at any other time in their lives.

Features and Benefits

  • Our school provides plenty of support for students, teachers and our student support team so your child can learn in a safe environment.
  • Our unique courses in Science, Art, Music and Technology will engage your child and prepare them for higher learning such as at High School and University and enable them to explore these subject areas in greater detail.
  • We have specialist experience in teaching emerging adolescents and are able to cater for the needs of individual students.
  • Wide range of sporting opportunities to compete at all levels, from interclass competitions up to regional super sport.
  • A strong focus on the core learning areas of Maths, Reading and Writing, including support for both those requiring extension and those needing extra help.

Information for New Students 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why should I send my child to Whanganui Intermediate School?
A1: We specialise in teaching emerging adolescents and our school is designed to meet the needs of this unique age group. We offer classes that cater for a range of different learning styles as well as a dedicated student support team to ensure your child’s emotional needs are addressed. We also offer a range of sporting, arts, cultural and specialist technology opportunities for your child throughout their time with us.

Q2: Is Whanganui Intermediate safe for my child?
A2: Yes. We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) school. Alongside our classroom teachers we also have a dedicated student support team, comprising of a deputy principal and two mentors, who provide emotional support and guidance for those who need it. We also have excellent peer support from fellow students.

Q3: If I have a problem, will I be able to speak to someone?
A3: Yes. It’s crucial that we liaise with you to ensure your child’s success so you’re able to talk directly with you child’s teacher, the student support Deputy Principal or our Principal.

Q4: How will you help my child if they have specific learning needs?
A4: We have specialised programmes to help with learning in mathematics and reading as well as offering a range of different classes to address different learning styles, including two accelerant classes, whanaul classes, an Innovative Learning Environment with a specific digi learning focus as well as more traditional individual classes.

Q5: Am I able to visit?
A5: Yes, we very much welcome visit from prospective parents. Click here to make a booking.

Q6: What courses do you offer?
A6: Mathematics, English, Art And Design, Science, Design and Construction, Digital Technology, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts.

Q7: What sports do you offer?
A7: Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Triathlon, Cricket, Mountain Biking, Volleyball, sailing, canoe polo. Click here to see a full list of sports with start dates.

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