Information for students

Whanganui Intermediate is a fun, safe and stimulating place to learn and play with opportunities and expertise not offered by many other schools.

Features and Benefits

  • Our unique courses in Technology , Science, Music and Art will engage you and prepare you for higher learning such as High School and University.
  • Our school provides plenty of support from fellow students and teachers so you can learn in a safe environment.
  • Our central location provides multiple safe travel options to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What cool things can I do at Whanganui Intermediate School?
A1: As well as the usual important subject such as maths, reading and writing, we also give you the chance to learn about robotics, art, cooking and hard materials as well as giving you the chance to work in a real science lab and with a specialist music teacher. You can also get involved in a huge range of sports and cultural activities. Click here to view full curriculum.

Q2: Will you help me if I have problems?
A3: Yes. We have different classes to help you learn in a way that works for you including a bilingual classes, a big open plan classroom with a digi learning focus and two accelerant classes for those needing more of a challenge. We also have a student support team that you can turn to if you have any problems that aren’t about your learning. Click here to view support options.

Q3: What sports do you offer?
A3: Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Triathlon, Cricket, Mountain Biking, Volleyball, Sailing. Click here to see a full list of sports with start dates.

Q4: Is Whanganui Intermediate safe?
A4: Yes. We have a number of services in place to ensure your safety. Click here to find out more.

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